Custom software development

Software you can reach more with

Overcome your rivals with a system that reflects your style! Software that respects the uniqueness of your service and your unique business processes will move you to unrivaled results. Follow the most successful companies in Western Europe and opt for custom developed software!


Web applications

Collaboration across the whole world

It doesn’t matter if your colleague is next to you or on the other side of the world. With web applications, you can collaborate on a project online, from anywhere.

Mobile applications

Flexibility and connectivity everywhere

ou don’t have to postpone your work until it reaches your computer or laptop: on a mobile phone or tablet, you can solve the task along the way.
iOS | Android | Windows phone

Desktop applications

All necessary work tools in one place

You don’t have to postpone the work until you get to a computer or laptop: on a mobile or tablet, you can solve the task along the way.

Cloud solutions

Fast data access no matter when and where 

Store your data in one place you don’t even have to care for! You can access them from your computer, laptop, mobile, phone or tablet, wherever and whenever you need it.

We will tailor the software
for you to fit your business.

Do you already have a vision?

Modern style of work

Instead of several, just one piece of software that lets you log in once and have access to everything.

Free yourself from
solutions that limit you!

Don’t be limited by boxed software updates or end-of-support dates for a version as specified by its manufacturer! You set any changes, extensions or customizations to the tailor-made software according to your own needs.

Software according
to your ideas and needs

Let the developers create software that exactly suits your operational needs. Intuitive software works just like you.


Client webportal

A public web application which, after authentication using a name and password, clearly provides heat consumers with information about their consumption points with an administration module.


Legislative proces overview

Information system based on the organizational structure module and state machine framework and consisting of more than 60 interconnected software modules of the workflow type to support the National Council of the Slovak Republic procedures in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and other relevant legislation.


Complex company system

Information system used by Direct Parcel Distribution (DPD), which has its representation in dozens of countries around the world. Direct Parcel Distribution SK uses the system to the full extent, including the registration of customers, products, services and transport elements.

BEKAERT Hlohovec, a.s.

Production line vizualization

Information system used to support production, which clearly displays and visualizes data on the course of production in all sections of production. It consists of two main modules, namely „Production Visualization“.


Would you also like tailor-made software?

How powerful is your company? Can you imagine the possibilities that modern applications will open for you and the business processes optimization with them? Become a successful company!

The appropriate application will help you optimize various processes:



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