Production line data visualization

Production under control

Production parameters clearly in one place

Production control

Keep track of quality, speed and operation of production at all times. Detect manufacturing defects and optimize the entire production process to achieve maximum performance and product quality.

Hands free

Control screens and system with gestures via Kinect devices. Start by capturing your movements to control the screens in front of you.


Perfect overview
of company data.

Gain the necessary insight and increase the quality and quantity of products produced!
Don’t worry about outages. The system informs about potential risks, about the quantity and quality of products and overall production efficiency. By connecting external data sources, we create an unbeatable overview of the functioning of production.


Hands free gesture control – Kinect

Easy control, even in difficult conditions
Go through the individual parts of the production process without contact with the controller or control unit! You can scroll through the screens showing the production parameters with simple gestures.

Information visualization

All the information you need to make the right decisions quickly and with all necessary data.

Gesture control

Control screens remotely with just simple gestures, without using a controller, only by hands.

Problem prevention

Automated detection of problems. Be informed about comming outages and potential risks.

Increase efficiency

Quality data means right decisions. With information from the screens, you can optimize processes immediately.

New dimension
of industrial production

Fores Technology Group - Vizualizácia výroby


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