IT Infrastructure

You take care of your business, we take care for your IT

IT infrastructure virtualization

With Hyper-V and VMware technologies, we will ensure the smooth running of your IT infrastructure and the minimization of risks in case of a hardware failure.

Infrastructure management

We will deploy technologies that will help you manage your IT infrastructure, make it clearer and more efficient. Thanks to proactive technologies, we will try to solve problems before they arise.


Don’t bother managing your IT environment and leave it to us! Save investment in your employee trainings and solve any problems quickly and easily thanks to our team of experts with more than 20 years of experience.


The provision of services by your IT department no longer has to be based only on the IT infrastructure located in your company. The cloud offers many ways to relieve your IT department.

In-depth analyses and consultations

Based on the analysis of your IT infrastructure, we will suggest its optimization and, if hidden problems are discovered, their in-depth analysis and solution.

Implementation and design of new technologies

Together with you, we will go through your requirements for the IT infrastructure and propose solutions that we will help you implement.

Microsoft 365

Email services, Office suite, SharePoint, storage for your data? It no longer has to be just servers that are heating in your server room and require permanent attention and unpredictable costs.

MS Azure

If you use MS Azure instead of expensive server solutions that you needed for IT services, an internet connection will suffice.

Find out how our services can improve your IT infrastructure and what technologies we can offer you

What did our clients deal with most often?

Outdated technology

Do you need to upgrade to a newer version of the technology used or do you want to replace it with a completely different and more suitable for your business?

An unexpected problem

You can’t deal with a more serious problem that has occurred in your IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure design and deployment

Do you need to expand your existing IT infrastructure or create a new one to suit your needs?

Inefficient management of IT infrastructure

Are you bothered by expensive, confusing and inefficient IT infrastructure?

Lack of resources

Do you lack human or capacity resources to run your IT infrastructure?

We will help you create an IT infrastructure,
which will fully serve you

Get our team of certified experts who work on IT infrastructure creation for companies like Volkswagen Slovakia or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and participated in solving various tasks together with Microsoft Corporation.



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